This is without doubt the best thing on my website, I am taking bookings whilst I am sleeping. All the information I need from my customers is all sent to me when they book, easy invoicing and stress free payments it really does have it all. If you have a photobooth business and a website this is an ABSOLUTE must.
Many thanks for helping my business grow


Paparazzi Mirror

This is the best thing since sliced bread – so easy to use no need to send out booking contracts it does it all for you – takes the deposit and then reminds your clients to pay the balance nearer their event. Well done!

Matt Ford

4D Photo Booths

Booth Manager.. well firstly I’d like to thank their team, they are really passionate at what they do and extremely helpful, as anything like this your new too you might come across a user issue or error but they was really quick to respond to me not only did they respond in a timely manner but they also educated me ensure I knew what I was doing and how to do it!

I’ve always been very sceptical of this sort of product thinking is it really worth the money ? This is mainly me thinking I can do it all but in all honesty you really can’t! The time I’ve saved with this is unreal and with its automated process I haven’t been chasing customers for finial payments etc it’s done it all for me so now my evenings are spent in front of the tv or giving myself and family a little extra time knowing booth manager is taking care of it all in the background.

If that wasn’t enough letting it take over my admin work for me it also takes my bookings it’s really nice getting an email telling you a booking has been placed knowing the deposit has been paid, the booking form is done and all you have to do it wait to work the actual event is really amazing, think of it you’ve taken a booking without any interaction with your customer trying your best to convert that enquiry into a booking.. this along with your website has done it for you!

Josh Milner


This booking system is fabulous. We wanted to add a system to our website and we were recommended Booth Manager. Lawrence was incredibly helpful from start to finish, he supported me through the whole process of setting this up. Once everything was in place then we uploaded it to our website. Lawrence was wonderfully supportive. The Booth Manager system allows our clients to pay a deposit or full payment of services, it sends automatic letters if required, I personally like to write my own, it allows you to upload pictures of your products too. It’s really impressive and I’m happy that the system is now in place for customers who want to book instantly, it is not always convenient for them to pick up the phone or some people actually prefer to book online, so it’s great we can now offer our customers this option. Plus of course, we can now take bookings 24 hours a day. How cool is that! Thank you Booth Manager – its a very clever system and would definitely recommend this. 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Alison Miskin

Letters in Lights

Can't believe how good this system is...

Can’t believe how good this system is having been looking everywhere for a smart system that would make things easier and more manageable wont be looking back only forward with Booth Manager 5 stars all the way

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