Frequently Asked Questions

Booth Lead Exchange

Do I pay commission for bookings generated by the Booth Lead Exchange?

Absolutely not! All bookings are commission free whether you received them due to your own hard work or we gave you the lead.

Do I have to be a part of the Booth Lead Exchange?

Absolutely not! It is completely up to you and can be enabled or disabled at any time from your admin panel. We would like to you be a part of the network as we believe it will benefit you and as well as other members however, this is your choice at all times.

Can I opt out of BLX altogether?

Of course you may! Simply turn it off in your admin panel.

Booth Manager

What payment gateways can I use
Booth Manager supports Paypal & Stripe.
Can I use my own custom domain?
We usually install at yourname.boothmanager.com but if it is essential for you to host at a subdomain of your own website, we can usually accommodate this request.
Do you offer a free trial?

Currently we are giving you 6 months for free – we feel that should be long enough 🙂

Any other questions?

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