After 3 successful years in the UK, we are excited to announce that Booth Manager is at the Las Vegas Photo Booth Expo.

With 35 years of programming experience, Laurence & Caz designed a booking system for their photo booth company back in 2017 which is now trusted by nearly 100 users back in the UK.

Recently, we have added a new option, the Booth Lead Exchange (BLX) where you can automatically share leads you cannot use when you are unavailable for an event. By sharing leads, you benefit others as well as earning a reduction in the cost of your Booth Manager software at only $29.99/month.

At Booth Manager we don’t believe in penalizing the successful so Booth Manager is Unlimited, meaning you will never pay more, even if you grow to hundreds of services and staff.

If you wish to receive leads and bookings via the BLX, you pay a percentage fee of 8% of the booking price which is capped at $50 per booking.

Come and see us at the Expo and your first 30 days will be free of charge.

Read more about Booth Manager.

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