What is Booth Manager Lite?

Booth Manager Lite is the only free booking system specifically for photo booth companies and comes with a huge array of features enabled that will blow your mind, not your bank balance!

Customers are eligible for our Free Booth Booking System if they have BLX enabled with up to 20 active future bookings. (what is BLX?)

What Booth Manager does!

Quite simply, what doesn’t it do?

Takes bookings automatically
While you are busy with other things, or simply taking a break, Booth Manager is hard at work, 24/7, taking bookings, deposits paid, sending a booking confirmation and updating your calendar.

Generates leads
Booth Manager isn’t just another booth booking service, it actively generate business for you.

Communicates with customers
Sending automated invoices, reminding about due dates, giving general updates like your arrival time and the name of the attendant, Booth Manager saves so much time.

Other features
More are listed below…

Why you need Booth Manager in your life!

Booth Manager Benefits


  • Generates Leads & Bookings via our unique booth lead exchange
  • No extra charge for your success, we don’t charge you extra for more bookings
  • Low costs for a Booking System (from FREE)
  • Save on advertising costs
  • No limits on your bookings, products or staff (paid version)
  • Easy to set up

Nothing to lose!

Ready to Get More Bookings? Start your more bookings and less hassle trial today!



Taking bookings & deposits, sending confirmations & invoices, chasing payments, updating customers…


Using our wizards including site design, calendar widget design and our services & packages wizard, you can be up and running in less than 30 minutes.

Customised Questions

In addition to standard questions such as the venue or start times, you may wish to ask if there is parking onsite or the number of guests they expect. With our flexible system, you can add any number of custom questions, specify the type of answer you expect (yes/no or a number for example) and whether you need an answer of not.


When a customer makes an enquiry, you are able to capture their email address and permission to contact them resulting in an increase in leads and ultimately an increase in conversions.

If a customer doesn’t complete a booking, the full details are captured ready for that deposit to be made and the booking to be completed. No need for the customer to re-enter their data.


Multiple Unit Options

Your customer can choose from any of your available booths, select any wrap or background for each, add extras such as memory sticks, extra prints, extra hours, so when the customer places the booking, all the questions have already been answered!

Stock Control

Do you have a 3 sets of white and black wraps but only 1 set with a Hollywood theme? Do you have only one set of backdrops between your 2 mirrors?

Not a problem for Booth Manager. Simply set up the quantity of each and the availability will be checked during the booking process.

Dynamic Pricing

We can all charge our full price during the busy seasons and days but how do you fill up your calendar during your quiet periods?

With Dynamic Pricing, you can charge different rates depending on the month or even the day of the week.


Multiple packages per service with simple or special pricing per package. Package availability or pricing can be based on the type of event, day of week or even month of year.

Surcharges by date available on a recurring basis (such as New Year’s Eve every year) or on a year by year basis.


If you are running multiple units, you will need to allocate your booth attendants to your events. Each may have different rates, you may need to calculate mileage and extra rates for extra hours in additional to checking if they are available on certain dates. Then you need to double check they are happy to acccept the job once you’ve done all this!

With Booth Manager you simply click their name next to the booking and the rest is taken care of automatically. It will even create a packing list to ensure they don’t forget anything!



No increases in price based on your success – one fixed price now and always.


Immediately your customer has placed their booking, they will be directed to the customer portal where they can make payments resulting in better cashflow for you, download a booking confirmation and fine tune their booking details saving you time on the phone and email.

Secure Payment Integration

Each and every package comes with a free secure server certificate and integration with the leading payment processing facility. This gives your customer peace of mind when they see the little green padlock appear and also is good for your pocket with the lowest rates around.

Data Security

Your data is stored on our Fault Tollerant servers, which means that even if a disk were to fail, your booking system will continue to work perfectly from a second disk while the faulty one is replaced.

But we don’t stop there!! Backups are taken Off Site every single day, to ensure your 100% peace of mind.

Surcharge & Blackout Days

If you choose to work on New Year’s Eve or Christmas Eve, you probably wish to charge a premium price. You also may not wish to offer any services on Christmas Day.

With Booth Manager all these and more facility can be set up with ease.

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