The complete photobooth booking & management system

At last, a booking system specifically written for photo booth companies!

Big or small, Booth Manager does it all!

Maybe you are a single photo booth business operating your own booth or you’ve built your business up to 20 photo booths, 10 mirrors, 5 pods and 50 operators who need allocating to these events. Booth Manager is as simple or as complicated as you need!


Take Bookings 24/7

Remember when you received that enquiry while you were unavailable only to reply 1 hour later and find they have already booked your competitor? Let Booth Manager check your availability instantly so they can book you then and there! No need for them to wait for your reply or simply go somewhere else!


Professional Look

Display booking pages which automatically reformat to look amazing on any device. Also, with our free Secure Server certificate, your customer will have the confidence to enter their details online.


Save Money & Time

Booth Manager integrates with Stripe who provide a low cost solution to your online and offline card processing at just 1.4% + 20p with no fees and fast payments to your bank.

Unlimited Services

Booth Manager allows you to advertise and manage as many services as you like (Photo Booths, Magic Mirrors, Pods etc..).  Each of these can further be split into unlimited styles (Photo Booth Skins or Magic Mirror Backdrops for example).

Build a stronger relationship with your customers

Have you ever forgotten to send a booking confirmation to your customer? With Booth Manager, little details like this will be automatically taken care of. Not only that, the customer will receive contact with a human feel so by the time you turn up for the event, they will feel well informed of and never forgotten!

Packed with Features

See your bookings and all the associated details at a glance. Easy access to add payments, invoices, allocate events to specific operators and much more…

"One of the best things I have done was get Booth Manager. It is worth it's weight in gold. It is a great feeling to open your email to find a new booking that has been paid for and you haven't had to answer a million and one questions to get the booking. Would I recommend Booth Manager? 110% YES without a shadow of a doubt"

– Dave O’Neill – Paparazzi Mirror

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